Leave it be now

Like ruins that echo

Hollow halls

Half covered with sand now

Spirits laughter



It was just a long dream

None of it was real



Awaken then to now

Let dreams be dreams

Let this breath you draw

This moment

Be what you savour

You cannot wrest Justice

From what is gone


Everything lived before



Looking for repose



Leave it be now

The years since you first cried

Like a story in a baby book

Written by a loving hand

Weakly inked with callus Time

That is no more



The past is like a grave

Sometimes come and think

About the dream of dreams

But stay not

Where the dead things lie

Dry hair 

Vacant faces

No response

To screams and cries


Leave it be now

Dead things cannot change now

Make memory whisper

Like dried leaves

For this tale will never end

Dried leaves

Are lighter than lovely stones

You think the blooded ruby

Or perhaps the rainbow’d opal

Is too valuable to leave behind

Or trade for things 

That blow away in wind



Or that every year

You want to add to this bag 

These treasures each


So heavy

Breaks and scatters rolling



Even dried leaves are too heavy



Leave it be now

What proofs do you need 

Of things long dead

Why wonder about faces

Whose eyes ne’er meet yours again

Or tears cried in another day

Awaken to your current breath

Make this moment 

The next step


For the masterpiece

Cannot become real

As long as you walk in graves of sighs


Leave it be now


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