I am thinking I am past ‘Love’

My friend


But roses are fine


The young ones

They are going out with the tide

I can feel it

In to the ocean of the world they roll

A little bit farther with each wave

They smile at me

Someday they, too, will be washed upon the shore

By then I will be no more


Ahhhh but now

It is their time to swim


I saw a post

Disney princess post

Remembering days

I would have related

Now the goofy things

Cause nostalgic melancholy

I avoid them all

Romance is nothing

Just a dream for children

Love is real life

And real life has disturbances

It is sometimes bloody

Sometimes it stinks and burps


In youth those dreams you think

Will never die

The Prince will always come

He will always find a Princess

Yet when the prince arrives

He has a disc in his back pocket

Full of porno

To marry the princess

Who will love someone else the rest of her life




I do not have dreams

I think I almost did one last time




It felt like MAYBE

There was a wave coming on

That was big enough to carry me back into the sea




It kissed my toes





And like all youth back to the sea it went


(All Rights Reserved)





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