…is not for me.


That ship sailed all pack’t with treasures

Years ago


We were supposed to buy and sell and trade

That ship would return some day with more


Storms sank it deep


Somewhere of the straits of Desire


Flaming Arrows set it afire


It sank


With it sank every hope and dream

Sank into depths where only gold survives

And ghostly creatures made of light

Floating in darkness

Silent witnesses to what was long ago


Sometimes divers come to try

To take a golden bit and save it

Some get one coin

Some get two

Then the sands shift over a thin crust

They have to rise before they die

Not too fast


Too fast causes pain


The treasure does not miss one coin

It does not care

Still it is buried there


Entrenched deep in the ocean of my heart


(By MshannonM)

All Rights Reserved


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