Ca Ca Phony

The blindside caca-phony information


Until we strangers fly

If over makes mountains’ cloud

Dust in the jet stream

Winter for more than a year 

I can feel you love

You do not want to feel

You are perplexed

You wonder why

Child don’t deny 

Put things in perspective

Half aseep

Riding undulant waves

One foot in each world

Here I am

You left a bit of chaff

From making love in a dream

I could feel you the next day

Still you were not ever here with me

November is coming so fast

Once a day was a lifetime

Poison spills from millions 

Reckless minds sauntering along


Buzzes through geomagnetic fields

And yet…

You sit here with me on your mind

You don’t know why you are a smile

Why were we born now

What a bloody blender full

We drink the blood of death

Without a blinking eye

If I could grab your hand

We’d run away

Become children playing ‘house’ 

Within this emptiness are entire universes


The room sparkling in man made light dreams

While you almost move inside

Photos come alive

I would hold you like a child in my arms

Wearing red wanting you to laugh for me

2 thoughts on “Ca Ca Phony

  1. I was there with you, watching every step you had taken. Only you could not see me because i was in another form.


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