Who Reads The Words

Who reads the words
I care not
Who thinks they are for them
Maybe right
Maybe not?
If you could be inside me
You would be drenched in cold water
Running from you into drops of sunlight


Trip-toe dancing in sunlight
Shimmies slow in winds
Walking in smiles miles

Somewhere else
I will reach out take your hand
See your real face before me
Looking down laughing
The way a soft child’s cheek feels wool
Or river smooth stones 
Hands cupped to catch the light
Give you fields of living flowers 
Thinking of you
Rare air is worth closed eyes

How can I forget you?
How can I forget the way
Your unwritten smile felt
Your promise to stalk me?
How can I forget time
Outside of time?
Rare earth am I

You told me I was beautiful
You meant it

Old music inside
Back heart beat
Off-key sweet sharing
Background together
A deserted space
Filled with two for time

Do you think of me
As many days 
I think of you?

It is always one sided
Love spills on stones
For a moment
Even stones 
Try to remain
You stay in every prayer
Like all love given away
Free for worthy

You were as close 
As back heart beat
Still there unseen
A smile on forever
Cinnamon sweet
Days when hope 
Had a different name

I would put on your skin
Share the world with you
Who reads the words
I care not

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