Dear Men

Dear Men

You can’t, legally, have everything you want in a dream woman. It just won’t happen. Even if you marry four wives, if they live in the same house, within a year all of them will be bleeding or pregnant at the same time and you will still be in trouble…
…times FOUR!

You cannot have a ‘holy cow’ and a ‘whore’ it just does not work that way. You cannot have beauty, smarts, sweet personality AND a good cook ALL at the same time. You have to settle for two out of four most of the time, (but don’t get all ‘uppity’ about that always keep in mind that YOU are not ‘all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips’ either!)

You are going to have to decide what is really important to you and stick with that one thing….if you get more than that yell “ALLHAMDULILLAH!” and be blessed but if you just get what you thought was most important yell, “ALLHAMDULILLAH!” and be blessed.

I am saying this because we all get old and crummy at some point and then it hardly matters how ‘beautiful’ we are anymore you will be bald and your barbie will have two chins and if she had alot of kids for you, well, lets just say that age will be kind to you too if you are lucky and you won’t be interested anymore. If you happen to be a dog stay LOYAL…you will be glad you did after you die.

If you choose for beauty it will fade. If you choose for brains those are subject to go at any time too and if you choose a holy cow she will be alot better at putting up with your doggie self and probably you will put on some weight from some good food. There is an old American saying, “A big wife and a big barn never did a man any harm.”

On the other hand if you are a university professor and you LIKE brains CHOOSE BRAINS or you will be miserable trying to talk about Socrates to someone making baby clothes. If you LIKE a barbie by all means CHOOSE a barbie..just always remember that ‘having a beautiful wife is like having a ripe cornfield by the main highway into the city’, (old African proverb), and you WILL be defending your barbie from predators for a while, (at least until she gets two chins.) To be FAIR to your barbie you should be ready to KEEP her the way you found her as best you can…it is the HEIGHT of unfairness to marry a barbie and kick her when she isn’t pretty anymore…after all you probably helped to ruin her!

Last, but not least, in the end you will find out she is really not that much different than you are. When you get to that point you will be a real HUSBAND.

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