Mountain Man

Mountain Man

High blue
Where angels play
Green, brown treeline
Granite grey
Mountain man
Upon green velvet lay
Sleeping beauty
Hears wild drum
Quick strung high
Tight notes flung
Slight smile
Waits until I come
In that sun
To sit beside
High above
This valley wide
In the open field
We will hide
Among rocks older
Than human
Step softly you hear
Not pretend
I will sit next to you
On this land
Warm you will awake
And see my eyes
Known strangers
Share among trees
We arise
With your sudden kiss
For fingertips
To trace your chin
Up to your mouth
Where smiles begin
I want to touch
Those lips again
Trap you
While you silent sit
Chest to chest grey wool
The feel of it
My arms around you
All of me commit
Run my fingers through
Hair black as night
Feel your body
Under mine excite
Make you become wanton
Mountain sprite
Then sudden
You become the mountain man
You take me as you can
You will end
The smile I began


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