The Chosen One and the Rejected One

Once upon a time there were two women. They became close friends. They did not look at each other in terms of face or beauty but simply had a lot of fun together. One day they were ‘out’ together and one of their guy friends came along. He pulled one aside and whispered,


“Can you make her love me?” and that woman said,

“All I can do is ask her.” and that fellow …said,

“Can you tell her all you know about me and how good I am? I have not known her very long but I have known you a lot longer.”

The woman said,

“Of course, I will try my friend.”

Soon this began to be a regular occurrence as more and more of that woman’s friends asked for an introduction. At first it was not an issue because those fellows were friends only with the exception of one of them. That one had not asked yet. So everything was fine and everyone was happy. One day while The two women and one of their male friends chatted the male friend said something insulting about his first women friend who had given him the introduction to his second new friend. The two women put their heads together in some shock! He did not even seem to be aware that he had just been VERY insulting! His new friend called him out to defend her friend and as she kicked him to the curb he yelled at the one who had introduced them,




The two women were shocked and then started to laugh. It was funny! That guy was a complete IDIOT! The first woman said,


“I don’t want to be his friend.” the second one said,

“I will keep him he is kinda pathetic!”

And so it was.

As time went on all but two of those fellows who had asked to be introduced had all lost the respect of both women. They made rude comments about their first friend to impress their more beautiful, new second friend. They had no idea that the second girl, while indeed beautiful, did not NEED that kind of attention. Indeed she hated it. But being a kind person she stayed friends with them from pity and the other woman got rid of them.

But it hurt. It hurt them both. One did not want to be the reason for pain and the other one did not want to feel pain and they ended up getting even closer. The men blissfully went on hurting them both without even caring, thinking that they were doing the beautiful one a favour. Both women laughed about it often but it was a bitter kind of laughter. Still, it was funny.

The best part was finding out who the real men were who had a place in their lives. Men who could talk to them both, or to any woman, with the same civility and friendship. Indeed one of them even found love.

One was ‘chosen’ by all. The other one, having lost the one she loved the most to her best girl-friend in the last tragic rejection became the ‘rejected’ and had no more belief in love.

But the women remained best friends until the dogs tore them to pieces.

One of thier favourite jokes was about the dogs…..

“Good doggie here is a treat for being nice….no I will never love you or marry you because I saw how you treated other women, but gooo’ gooo’ doggie, (shakes finger), behave and beg nicely and you get another treat! Now go sit in the corner while I chat with “Sajan” and if you are really good and lucky I might even throw a stick for you to catch and bring back to me so you can feel important!”

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