The Barbed Wire Fence




Barbed Wire Fence

I took the powerchair to the little park on the edge of the town where I live which is surrounded by rich farmlands. Everything is turning GREEN! The buds on the trees are like Haiku poetry and I fancy TaKaKo is walking alongside the chair. She seems to be with me these days. As the concrete path through the park came to it’s farthest end where the park bordered miles and miles of farmland as far as the eye could see up above me the the wind sang it sighing song through the powerlines above and she smiled at me…West is where the farmlands begin and the sun is almost about to set upon them. I could not help myself I began to sing to them once more and once more they came…and blew the comb from my hair and sent it streaming outwards behind me.

Time was when I would put a stick in that wire and twist two lines together to make an opening in the middle to ‘skinny’ through and I know she would be by my side. I watched the rolling prairie as it begins to send up life through the layer of dead, protective grasses and green shows through old straw. So is my soul content to watch the miles now that once my feet would have eaten with ease. A tree was there…almost dead except for the hint of green in it’s twisted limbs. In the high, deep blue sky in the still day light slowly rising higher is the half moon. The sun and moon together in the same sky. A vista of life happening once more to the backdrop of images on my mind and the lovely light soul by my side. Perhaps it is only my imagination but I would rather it than nothing.The fence is old, like me, and rusting. one day perhaps it will blow away in the wind and I too will vanish. And when I wake I will be standing by a new fence in rolling countryside filled with green, young and strong, and twist the wire once more…

….and sneak into Paradise.


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