Dear God

Dear God,

It is lonely here. I don’t mean to complain but surely You know what life is like in my corner of the universe. You know everything why do I need to tell you…

…but right now You are the only one I can talk to. Let people say whatever they want about Your name the plain truth is that no one knows what it is and I speak English so, for this moment, I know You will know what I mean when I say ‘God’.

I wish I could talk to You like…like I was not a fish in a bowl. As it stands that is my only recourse.

So anyway here goes:

Dear Almighty God,

Let’s start with the whole world. It is being run into the ground by War-Lords and I know you already know this but I just have to say it. Forget sides. Just look at us. We have let everything go to hell-on-earth. The Earth that was supposed to be our paradise You gave us and we have surely mucked it up. So lets start with forgiveness. Forgive us for mucking up this beautiful gift you gave us. Forgive us for looking the other way when people kill each other. Forgive us for getting involved where we are not wanted or needed. Forgive up for our greeds and our lack of gratitude for our needs. Forgive us Almighty God for dumping tons of trash while looking for an ‘easier’ life. Forgive us for thinking that war is peace. We live every day under the ‘electronic eye’ and yet we forget there is another, greater ‘eye’ that sees us all. Forgive us for ignoring our parents in favour of our houses. Forgive us for killing our children before they are born and then complaining that people who don’t kill their children are taking over the world. Forgive us for being such dis-compassionate jerks to each other.

Forgive me for wanting so much.

You know how much I have wanted and every dream and fantasy I had and You saw them all come to nothing. You know that, in spite of all that, I CHOOSE to believe in You even when I don’t understand why…because I have to believe there is some being greater than us to look up to, to aspire to be like and follow. You know how much I privately hate the way people have become so sectarian. Each one believing only their way is the right way and You are the only way and yet, if we are not too proud, we can know how much we DON’T know about what we THINK we KNOW. All we can do is try to be the best we can…

…forgive me when I fall because of loneliness and screaming silences.

God Almighty please make the world a place where children are not the targets of genocide. Make this a world where the rulers, however much they are admired, step back from their positions of pride and wealth and SEE the ‘real lies’ with ‘real eyes’. Because people will always seek to rule, Almighty God please make those who would rule wise and merciful.

Forgive the Nations.

Forgive each nation among us and all it’s inhabitants for chasing the false glitter of the world instead of the peace of their souls. Forgive us all who believe a brand name is better than plain water. Forgive all of us who seek and have more than we need to show the world how great we are. Forgive all of us who were knocked down in life and were too depressed to get back up again, not trusting in You.

Among communities forgive us for our attitudes of ‘Us and Them’. Almighty God Show everyone it is WE the people not ME the people and let peace come to all those who want and eye for an eye. Let those who have lost the most gain back the most. Please Almighty God make the last ones come first.

As for me…

You know my heart and my dreams. A clean safe place to live. Good healthcare. People who love me. And even a few perks too that I can try to use to make myself feel ‘pretty’. And for the greedy part I would like all my teeth fixed and a 64 bit Apple laptop with all the programs I can use for art and enough ink for my printer and for my mom to feel secure that if she dies I won’t be without help…

Please don’t laugh at me Almighty God for the last part. I am human after all.




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