Best Dreams

I opened my eyes.

I was in a lovely room. It was a big room and it had sun-light rainbow reflectors in the ceiling and all around-across the top of the 12 foot high ceiling were windows set in deep, concrete walls…windows that were full of ferns and ivy. The plants spilled down the inner walls from those lovely high windows with the green-tinted glass. I looked around and smiled. There were no partitioned rooms just a huge open space and columns with utility hooks on them to hang whatever I pleased thereon and the sinks were deep and large on the far wall and one huge mirror covered another wall. The stove, the icebox and all the appliances lined up along another wall. It was a very large room, perhaps 600 by 800 square feet.

I lay in a very deep, soft bed. The room was cool and a large fan swished the air above with lazy, cutting edge blades. I sat up.

I didn’t hurt!

I DIDN’T HURT! Easily I swung my legs off the bed in surprise and walked over to a set of tall sliding doors set in the only wall not covered by something and walked out into a paradise garden! It was as large as the room and had trees and little ponds and looked as if a master Japanese gardener had laid it out and grown it up just for me. As I went outside I realized I could walk quite easily and the gown I wore was soft and light and long like princesses wear and the rock walls around the garden dripped with jasmine and climbing roses. As I kept going I found myself at a large bathing pool. Large enough to float in. Large enough in which to even do water exercises but not an ugly blue swimming pool but something man made that look natural. It was beautiful. I dropped the gown and waded into the pool and floated in the dappled tree-light delighting in the cool water. Still wet and dripping I climbed out easily on the rocks and threw the gown over my head and went back inside…

I open the ice-box and there was rich-people food on every shelf! Everything organic, exotic, made with real ingredients! Everything made to taste good and cooked with recipes great grandma used! I got an apricot tart and it was so good and so filling I only needed one of them. This was not like the poor-peoples grocery store food that was calorie dense and mostly fat and sugar this was the REAL THING! REAL Apricots! REAL oatmeal REAL brown sugar and when I ate it I looked down and realized I was not fat anymore! I started to skip around and then was astonished I could skip and that made me sing and then I was astonished I could sing and that made me happy and I started to laugh and couldn’t stop!

There was a computer there. I got on it and somehow knew I could do whatever I wanted and I sent money to all my best friends via Western Union and it felt so good I ordered a whole wardrobe from Holy Clothing and then realized I could invite people over and even pay for their plane tickets!

I got my I-pad.

I-pad? I had an I-Pad?????


I planned a party and catered the events and paid whatever it took to meet all my friends I wanted to meet and I sent plane tickets and went out another door I noticed that was the front door and saw a car, with a driver, and I knew I could go anywhere and get anything and I went to the Doctor and asked for a test I needed and he said, 

“Yes right away ma’am”, and best of all I could pay for it!

I had the driver take me to Chickasaw Park and I played in the cold creek at Buffaloes Spring ALL DAY like I did when I was a kid! There was a picnic lunch with rich people food already packed in the back of the trunk! IT WAS AWESOME!

I went home all tired and content. When I got there I noticed a text from someone I loved very much finally saying he loved me. As If things could not get any more awesome I found the only place in that odd house that was not a part of the main room and found myself in front of the fanciest bathroom I ever SAW! A huge walk-in Garden Tub and shower and marble tiles on the walls and floors and and and….filled with so much ecstasy I closed my eyes and smiled and took a deep breath….

…and opened my eyes.

There was an ant on my pillow. There was a cock-roach on the wall. Black and grey mold grew in the window sills. The sun slanted in through room dust and I sat up slowly and carefully moved painful legs off the bed and went to the bathroom with the tiny tub and the black mold on the walls…I heated a pot of water and made a bowl of cheap instant oats and some tea…


…got up and went back to sleep.

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