Alembic Of Pain

The plains of Forever

Reach across my mental expanse

Past bone and flesh

Touching the tears of swords

Swimming like Alice

In a lonely hall

Fantasy creatures as friends

It feels like sweet ice

Dropping sharp from Eve

Inside there are such masterpieces

Uncut with Life

You think you have reached this soul

So very few

Made it through the dangers

To meet me


Looking for you

One I have never known

One whose face is still mysterious

Made from dreams 

How many times 

I have added a face to your faceless heart

How many times you answered me

Through the voice of another

Why are you only the inamarato of dreams

Unborn into now

Unsung by anyone but me

Notes of love sung by silence

Through me each finds another

Things endings that never were begun

Asking questions once more

Without human answers

Until nothing matters 

Joy in dreams 

Happiness in sleep

There you are each time

Wrapped around me as the cloak

I would pick delight from you like fruit

Rapture dripping from my tongue

In sleepy trances half aware

You are the alembic of my pain

Filled with my tears


Hold me into you

Assimilate me 

Until being one we are a devotion

Unseen by human eyes


Winging skyward

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