Do you stay in my heart?
I tried to eliminate you
We are entangled 
I know you feel it….

By now you must know
How much 
I kept you from myself
From love’s intensity

I thought another 
Might have stolen 
Your place in my heart
By now but…


Each love occupies 
Singular spaces in my mind
No one can replace
The shared bonds


My mind is full of exquisite lights
Shining from distances
Once illuminating my heart
As before me 
Warm and sweet

Among those sparks
Some have been so radiant
Even the darkest corners
Of my soul understood


Throwing up walls
To protect you from myself
As one would build such
Around the gems and roses


Of icy purity 
In burned darkness
Like life that lives
Spiting the poison 
Of this world


You are here next to me
Moment to moment
Though you live a life
As far from me 
As heaven is far from hell


Of my love I send
My prayers for you 
That your dark eyes 
Fill every soul you meet
With the same


(By MshannonM)

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