It Isn’t Home

When I was young

There was a place that I called ‘home’

It was way out in the middle of Nowhere

Then we had to go

Suddenly home was gone

I could never go back there

Since then I am searching

Wandering through Life

Wondering if I will ever find home

Part of me is hurting

Part of me is strong

Will I ever find what is long gone

Every place I’ve been

Moving each three years

Thinking maybe now I belong

Decades now since then

From courage fell to fears

Sometimes tired of being so strong

I am missing you

I found I live in hearts

For hearts never change

All the years we grew

Together ’til the time to part

Leaves me sad and strange

Feel so lost

Fell so alone like a gyspie

Looking for home

Feel so lost

From here I’ll be gone

Soon for the next place on

Maybe I will tap

Those magic shoes

And one day fly over the rainbow

Until then I will stop

I will try to choose

To be as happy as I can know

Even missing YOU

Even Missing YOU




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