I Am Not Dead

Old I am

Young I am inside

Fight I did for everything

To end here

Where dreams are Life

I am not dead

My heart wants

My mind feels

This mausoleum

Of distance is

One star in dark matters

Shining for no one

Who sees

I am not dead

Over years

One comes

Makes love

To this broken body

Leaves again

For years

I am not dead

Teeth bite air

Eyes wild

On white walls

Full of nothing



How can I help you

I cannot help myself

So many

I tried to pull up

When my arms were strong

Lift them

List them

Give for free

But not for me

I am not dead

Frayed and worn

I feel the world

Faces a storm

Faces in the storm

Only God can change now

We have let it go too far


Yet you walk away

All of you

One at a time

Leaving like birds

I shove one at a time


Even the nest we made

Blows away

I am not dead

I am not dead

I am not



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