Velvet grass, still green, under my bare feet. The cold dew of night tickles and stars, gifts from The Great Creator, burning far away in deep, soft darkness. All around the roofs of trees silhouetted in soft white green glow from a high, bright window in the speckled sky. This smells cool. It smells like lemons. My hair moves across my back loose and free. This Night even the Wind smiles quietly with me, resting, while I bathe in star and moonlight. Hidden in the trees I know there is a small, brown bird. He sings to me,

“Sing to me brother sing!”

I whisper to Night. He sings in the rills of water running nearby. The heart beat of the Oaks gives rhythm to the song. The creek chuckles over round pebbles of sound.

“Wash my face Moonlight….”

I whisper to Night. Closing my eyes, I raise my arms with hands ready to catch the light from the heavens, it spills all over me, cool silver. Careful steps, small, arms embrace the unseen lover who will dance with me in the night, alone.

“Come Ousha and sing with the brown bird.”

I whisper to Night. The wind awakes and rises and kisses the sheet of skin I live within. Sharp and sweet drops of melodic madness fill the empty air and twine in spirals with the fingers of the wind, in my hair, and I am, with divine laughter, filled. This light cotton on my flesh is exquisite torture as the wind’s hands are the hands of my Lover Night. Moving light material over me until the pale white silk prickles all over every tiny hair in smooth dark air.

“I will sing with You. I will dance with You. You may have me I am Yours O Night. Make the breeze Your arms. Make the trees Your face. Make the hills of tall grass and flowers my bed. Make love to me O beautiful Night.”

Night moves with me through space. Night encircles me with stars and trees. Night hold me in this protected valley filled with joy. Swaying and dancing in one place my feet embraced by Earth until the energy from the heart of a planet thrusts upwards and pierces me. Night commands it all. Through loins and heart and head until it takes my light and adds His light to mine. I become the Earth. Taken by the sky the axis of power joins with mine and shoots skywards.

Enveloped in a sphere of raw energy on smokeless fire filled with desire…Night takes the hands of the wind and lifts me like a child and holds me in a sea of devotion unspeakable.

“Show me how to fly…”

I whisper to Night. He takes me over the trees and frees me to fly upon the chest of the Wind. Together we circle the World in real dreams. I am not bound by either shell or gravity. He takes me home again to my trees and my creek and my brown bird. There is no man who can make love like that.

Night leaves.

Exhausted I walk, slowly, to the stream. I step into the chuckling laughter and let it wash over me and call it water.

By MshannonM

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