The Only Place You Are Real…

….Is a world in my heart.


It is the only place

You are real.

When I am tired and alone

I close my eyes and you are there,

I forget how much I ache and fail

We are as young as the beginning.

Cold alone becomes smiling warm

I crawl into your heart

Curl up like a child,

Safe from the world and it’s vipers.

The hands of your love protect me.

In this special place in my mind I know I deserve you.

We are beautiful hereWhen we meet

You are all the home I ever need.

Stay here with me for a moment of forever.

We will rest upon each other without words.

Like winds meeting in the storm

Make magnificent funnels as they mingle

So will we be.

You will be the song I sing.

You will be the joy I feel.

I give all of me to you freely.

Take whatever you need.

If it is mine it is yours in this world

That exists only in my fantasy.

The world sees only a cynical woman who cannot trust.

Here, in the world of thoughts,

She melts away from me and

You are real and you are strong

Enough to want only me and I want only you.

I cannot get enough of you my beloved

When you come to my non existence as you do.

I would float upon the sea of your devotion

Drown willingly in your storms.

We never have to try to desire

We are desire.

Reality dissolves into bliss.

You pull me into yourself,

Neural net meets neural net, tangles, orgasms and rests.

If we get what we focus upon…

How I have focused upon you.

Here, in my heart,

We have shared laughter, tears and life.

I have given you all my most precious thoughts.

I have opened my soul to you.

You know the soft ‘me’ that hides under the bravado and sharp points.

I gave this to you without reservation because you are my beloved.

Here in my circle we know no age.

We can wear any face we choose.

We can be anyone we wish to be.

We are the stuff of dreams you and I.

You are my dream. Immaterial.


(by MshannonM) 

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