Time Flies

1000 years ago just yesterday a day was like a thousand years and an hour contained eternity. We begged for that hour to play and in that hour whole kingdoms rose and fell in the red dust under the ragged bushes where we crawled in the dirt, like kittens, until a huge dinner bell bonged across the air and told us our long hour was over. We hated to lose that hour. The rest of the day was full of things we HAD TO DO! The rest of the day took many lifetimes until we could reach eternity once more. We hustled those lifetimes as fast as we could to reach eternity.

We waited through these things. We crossed each day from a calendar that contained the horror or happiness of school. It was so many months before school ended and summer came.

Oh how we hustled the days of school as fast as we could so we could jump into the eternity of a summer of freedom where an hour was a day and a day was week and a week was a year. Three years we river-rafted on tire tubes and climbed mountains rock-hopping our way down with pockets full of feldspar and quartzite. There was no calendar and we were free with scudding clouds and ancient wind.It seemed as if Time chuckled like an evil bully and came into our sweet life and punched us all until we ate red dirt announcing it was time for school again.

We learned that school would end when we graduated so we hustled our days as fast as we could. Crossing off the days and weeks and months hoping for the weekends. The weekends became our eternity. It was easier to have forever in a weekend. Those two days came faster than Summer and much faster than one hour and we played so hard on those days we filled them up. Entire kingdoms rose and fell in one week’s end and when Summer came we found jobs and worked. Only the week ends were eternal as we crossed off the weeks and months and years with bodies hungry for a mate. We ached for that mate and hustled our time as fast as we could until we could get one.

We found mates and found ease and work and then children. Children became eternity and we crossed off the days and months and years each punctuated by their naughtiness and their accomplishments. We lived as fast as we could hoping to retire and that one holiday, each year, became our eternity. We lived to get to that one holiday when time stopped and lasted forever. We crossed off weeks and months and years and gloried in the days the whole family was together. We had love in those days. As years came to a close and children married and we became old we retired.

Days were now just a moment. Weeks even less than one day and a year was less than a week so we hustled and tried to pack it all in one lifetime. We traveled to islands and seas and took our grand-kids fishing but it seemed that our lives were now stuck on the fast train of Time and there was only one eternity left to hustle towards and seeing that we stopped to admire the sunsets and smell the roses and Time, that evil bully, came up and laughed and punched us until we all sat in the red dirt looking dazed as we waited the last few seconds we had left…

…for eternity.

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