It started out with Myspace and a brain tumor. I had never been online before. Since I was pretty sick, being online was the only option at the time and since then I have been grateful for the net.

I miss Myspace. It is ruined now. One day I went there and plastered all over my lovely work of html cyber-script were these ugly words,


Well that pretty much sucked and so I went to ‘Tickle’ which I am pretty sure was a giant psycho-experiment to check up on people and I and some cougar-hag who like to cyber-sex very young boys got into it BIG TIME because she hated this Jewish girl and she liked the girl’s boof!

Tickle was OK. A bunch of people went there and it could get CRAZY wild. I made friends with the Editor of that mess. She worked for Monster.com and I had about 5 profiles on any given day and made friends with the Grim Reaper there. (Yes he was there he had a photo of himself so I believed him….NOT!)

So anyway this cougar called me a liar and it all went downhill from there. She and I were hitting the editor so hard that lady must have been laughing. Anyway I am OCD so one day I got sick of her and spent three days, without sleep, tracking down and making links to EVERY SINGLE NASTY CONVERSATION she had with young kids.

The I sent these links to all the local news stations and told the editor I had done that.

Three days later she announced that Tickle was closing.

People who knew what I had done were asking her, on her profile, if it was my fault. She said it wasn’t but when Tickle was gone I ran scans and found a key logger, that belonged to them, on my computer. The cougar tried to start ‘TOT’ (The Other Tickle) but it was a failure after a year because the glory of Tickle WAS the insane people like me!

Then I went to Facebook.

Well…let’s just say it’s better than nothing but I am wondering if Word press might turn into something like the old Myspace???

People are getting bored with the Country of Facebook…

( Note: This is the first blog I have written that has no purpose and is not artistic. )

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