…it isn’t something you need a middle-man for, you can do your own magic without the need for a ‘spirit guide’.

Yes there are people who teach selected students but they don’t do anything FOR the student, they make the student do things for themselves with the ultimate goal of the student not needing them one day.

Magic is not what you might imagine it to be. It isn’t like the movies or Disney World and each person has different kinds of magic. Magic can be found in every skill on earth. People who are the ‘top’ of their field can be considered ‘magical’. People who know skills that have almost been forgotten, like crocheting lace, are magical. If you ever met a person who can cook SO WELL you remember what they made 50 years later…that person is magical. People who can understand physics like Nicolai Tesla or write like Stephan King are magical.

There are so many ways a person can be magical.

Did you ever wonder how it is that someone can sell you something you didn’t really need or teach you a subject you thought you had no ability to learn?


Do you know people who know all the names of the trees and plants and their uses or someone who can cut open a human body and remove a diseased part and sew it back up and save a life?

That is magic too.

Magic is not all about fearies and summoning spirits to do your will. Yes there are people who can communicate with that parallel universe but it is no more magical than painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We have this tendency to separate things that are really all a part of the same thing because they all come from the electrical force that makes the human brain work.

Real magic is a deep connection to the highest power of all: God. God gave all creatures and all humans the abilities they have and the knowledge how to use them. You do not need a psychic medium, a palm reader, gems, symbols, or even a circle. The earth we stand on is already a sphere. All the gems and symbols are already present in it. The only thing you need is yourself. You need yourself and your will, your faith and a practical mind.

What Do You Think?

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