The Kid

Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental….

To the outside world it he looked like a kid who had everything. Upper middle class, brand-name, gourmet food high-tech people. His dad was an IT guy and people on the outside would say they had it good. They really couldn’t see the truth at all which was probably just as well because it was an ugly truth.

There is nothing more sad than someone who is weak being born into a family of ass-holes.

Assholes think they are doing you a favour when they try to make you tough but they don’t realize that only works with fellow ass-holes. The kid had an older brother who was just like his father and the two were close. His mother had been close to him but his father had divourced her because she was ‘too fat.’ His father married his secretary and his older brother kept on making jokes that he had wet dreams for her, behind his fathers back.

He had cried for days when the courts would not let him go live with his mother but his father had all the power and money. His brother ribbed him unmercifully for being such a ‘cry-baby’ but it had been that way all his life. He had never known a day when he was not made to feel like he was worthless. He had every material thing you can imagine…but he was worth less than all of them and all of the people connected with them.

His dad was always trying to make him ‘tough’. He laughed so hard when he fooled his son into peeing on an electric fence. Of course the authorities could prove nothing it was so subtle. That was the day he knew he was stupid. They laughed and laughed. His father and his brother.

Days began this way, he would often wake up to ice cold water in his face or a bed full of centipedes and his brother smiling and yelling,



“YEAH! I FUCKED YOUR GOOF TOO AND I PUT THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK!” His brother looked smug, “You can’t see my face but you can see hers!”

His brother shoved the video, on the i-Phone, in the kid’s eyes, that had just opened to the world, and he saw it was true. He started to cry and his brother danced around chanting,

“Cry baby Cry baby!”

His brother smiled evilly, “You know I am the best looking one. I can take any girl you ever get! I can even take dad’s too if I wanted!”

His dad was not so obvious but his dad and his brother were cut of the same cloth: Sociopaths. They wanted him to join them but all he could do was scream or cry or threaten suicide to which they fully encouraged him when he did so he decided to live to spite them. He had ONE refuge. A refuge he had spent many hours doing yard-work, while he was in high school, so he could purchase this world. He mowed many lawns to buy the games for….

….the world of the X-box!

In that world he was in control! In that world he could kill bullies and bad guys! He could relax and he could find friends even if they were not real friends. Between his father and his brother and the way they taught him to interact with the rest of the world games were the love of his life. His games had become his heart and soul because they were they only place he could escape into a world better than the one he lived in.

His brother watched him and saw a way to have some fun with the kid. He went to his dad and said,

“Li’l bro is spending WAY too much time at the computer gaming! If he joined a sports team like me maybe he would learn to be more like me! I will ask the coach to let him join the team!”

“Hey that’s a great idea son. Your little brother is kind of a little bit TOO nancy-boy! I have been worried about him! You are a really great older brother I am glad I have you!”

They worked on the kid for a few weeks and began to feel very self righteous about their quest to make him less of a ‘nancy boy’. The older brother even began to believe his own bullshit. When it appeared that the kid was not going to play sports on a team the dad came up with the brilliant idea to destroy all the kid’s computer games so he could play some REAL games and learn how to be a REAL MAN. He told his older son his plan.

The older boy almost had an orgasm! Oh GAWD this was going to be fun! There was NOTHING better in the WORLD than making his loser baby brother cry!

They plotted and planned and set it up. The father had no idea his older son would film the whole thing and post it on Facebook. The older brother followed every step chuckling with sick delight at every shade of white and red the kid turned as he followed the signs of destruction out into the back yard where his father was sitting on a lawn-mower about to destroy the only good world he had left to live!


He was screaming and crying and cussing and his older brother ran inside and posted the spectacle online for the world to see!

And no one cared about the kid left crying in the yard or cared why he was crying or how he got that way.

A few days later the police were summoned to check on a homocide/suicide scene. A lovely lady called and said her husband and her two step sons were dead and the letter read,

“You will all say I am wrong. You don’t know the whole story but if you did you would understand why I had to do this. I am not sorry. I love you mom and I know it was hard for you. Someday you will join me in heaven if they let me in.


“The Kid”

The police were able to piece together that the kid had killed his brother and father and then shot himself.

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