The Library

Library0309_039(Every once in a while you meet someone you will just have to love in the next life. Even if you WANTED to write naughty stuff about them you CAN’T. The attempts do turn into very sweet stories. Here is another one.)

He’s beautiful. I am sneaking peaks at him over my book while inhaling the smell of books. Stacks of books. Everywhere books. This is an old style library and I did not think I would find another human anywhere. I have been living here for some months but I cannot tell you how long. This whole town is abandoned. It was so far out from the cities it was not looted bare after the riots, floods and earthquakes. Books had been spilled out of shelves over a cracked foundation that was still level although I had noticed rain had ruined some of the books when I had found this place.
When I first got here I started to clean up the mess a little bit at a time, walking to the various stores in the small town main street for supplies I had hoped to find people but all of them were gone. It was eerily strange. No bones. No vultures. I was very glad at that time to find a town with food stocks and a pharmacy left. There were neatly parked cars everywhere. Some of them were even unlocked but nothing worked after the EMF’s went off. No people.
The place was full of people’s pets, however, and horses and cows and many had already broken free or died from starvation but, for the most part, there was food everywhere. Toothpaste to last one human a life time. Books full of knowledge. And now….
He’s beautiful.
I would have loved to see even an ugly human being, ANY human being but I have the great good luck to see a really handsome fellow. He has dark, wavy hair and a dark brown beard and moustache. Dark eyes like sweet chocolate and long long eyelashes. His brow is like a bird with wings outlining those amazing eyes with a frame of perfection. His lips are like what mom once said about my little sister, “She has such sweet lips the bees stung them.”
Mom. Everyone lived all over the United States and I have no idea who is alive or dead but mom was lucky. She passed away smiling before the wars. I pushed those thoughts back. Thinking that way is a great way to go crazy. I had seen some crazy people on the way out of the chaos the city had become when the power failed, suddenly, everywhere. Planes crashed at the air force base. Cars wrecked on the freeways and there was so much destruction no medical personnel could really help because there was no neighboring state or place where the same things did not happen.
He’s beautiful.
It has been so long since I talked to anyone I wonder if I have a voice left. I had watched him come in: the door that didn’t fit right on the slightly slanted frame let in the raw sun. I never went out in that sun without protection. Part of the atmosphere was probably missing: the good part. silhouetted against the light he did not know anyone was in here as I was behind a bastion of shelves, at a small table, looking through a hole in the books. Just in case the light would shine on my face I keep the book before me and peek over it and watch him. he shut the door and wiped the sweat from his brow with his sleeve. Sun bleached jeans and a red plaid shirt and a base ball cap. He went over to the water fountain to try it. It still works. The whole water system in this weird town still works. When he threw the cap off to throw handfuls of water over his dusty hair I wanted to tell him that but I could not say anything. What should I say to a stranger?
I watch him. he looks tired. Throwing water all over his face and head in the water fountain. He looks hungry. OK this is the time.
My voice sounds rusty and I think he just jumped ten feet and hit his head on the ceiling!
“Hey. I am soory I did not mean to scare you.”
He is looking at me like I have two heads and one eye! I get tense watching him walk slowly towards me as if he is not sure I am real. I can tell he is speechless. He is standing right in front of me and in this broken, dusty library in this broken, dusty world he reaches out and I still as still as a rock while his hand touches my cheek.
“You…you are REAL!”
He is snatching his hand back like I am on fire! That is OK I spent most of my life with guys who were that kind to be serious about running AWAY from me…the aim low players all had a great time with me and I did with them too because, face it, we all get what we can get. If he thinks I am repulsive that’s OK. Maybe I can get him to be friends.
“Would you like a Snickers Bar?”
“YES!!!!” His whole face is bright and he is smiling! Oh hell I think I am in love!
“Here, be my guest.”
He is trying not to eat that Snickers bar too fast but it is gone in less than a minute. he looks up, suddenly, with guilt on his face…
“I am soory. I was so hungry I did not leave you any.”
“Not a problem. This town was not looted. This town is very very weird.”
We spent the rest of the day exploring the deserted town. It wasn’t much fun to do alone but it was alot more fun with someone else. Especially with someone that good looking!

(I would write more but then it would turn into a love story and I can’t do that to you…but in case you ever might wonder how females might see you this is my gift to you…you are beautiful.)

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