Do you love meThe ‘DemandsCAMer’

The ‘CAMasterbator’

The ‘CAMorchestrator’

The ‘InvisibleCAMaudience’

The ‘Web-photoCAMsnapper’

These are the reasons I hate ‘CAMMING’.

The first guy meets you and in the first five minutes asks for marraige and CAM and says if you don’t give it to him you are a BAD person and YOU DON’T even KNOW the guy!

The second guy is all sweet and innocent and you are talking and he met you online without cam a few times and then asked politely and did not demand it and when you are all comfy he whips out a tiny tiny little ‘winky wacker’ and goes after it in your cyber face! (exhibitionist problems.)

The third guy is really 60 (or 16, or really a girl), and thinks you will not like him if you can see him so he is sweet nice kind and everything a guy should be and trades cams with you only you can never see him clearly for the lighting or the quality Webcam….BUT HE CAN SEE YOU!

The fourth guy is often related to the third guy and somtimes they get together and when you think you are talking to ONE guy you are really talking to twenty guys! (The way you catch one of those is to say something unexpectedly funny so that you can hear the snorting and poorly concealed laughter while the ‘orchestrator tells them to ‘chup’ in an angry tone and his mike suddenly will not work!)

The fifth guy is the cousin to the other too because he is the one who…while you cam with him….you see your little green light blink on and off while he takes a webcam snapshot of you. (this IS possible I have tried it myself to make sure on a friend who was willing to experiment with me on this subject.)

I hate cam because I am not a movie star and I never know who is using it to wack, mac, attack or jack me….They call girls liars and guys who say, “I don’t have a cam.”

I don’t OWE any human being my face….If I CHOOSE to show you be happy but if I don’t then be happy or go away.

What Do You Think?

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