I have to write this today because some people in the medical field do not like patients to diagnose themselves…

…and be right.

Twice, now, I have diagnosed myself, with something major, and I have been right. I was right years after the fact in each case and while both things were addressed, years later, had they been addressed when I mentioned them first I might not be disabled today.

I am not ALWAYS ‘right’. The doctors who misdiagnosed me, for those two problems, were not ‘right’ either…in a head for head horse race I have done as good a job as my doctors have in diagnosing myself…

…and 70% of them, over the years, have hated it.

People think that only medical students are capable of reading, and understanding, medical texts and while I am FAR from an expert I have spent years reading much of the same stuff. Some in the field sneer and rhetorically ask, “Online?”, not knowing that I was never online until December of 2005 and among the many ‘medical books’ I have owned is a ‘Merck Manual’ from the 1960’s and another one from the 1990’s and while I would NEVER make any claim to be CLOSE to knowing all a doctor knows, (I don’t), I am also not an idiot and I can understand and process a great many things and properly apply them to myself.

For some time now I have been having symptoms that match hyper-aldosterone problems, and while I am no doctor I have read that tumours on the adrenal glands and Glomus Jugulare brain tumours can cause a renin-aldosterone problem. I asked my doctor for the tests after a medical student, who is an online friend from Kirghizstan, said the same thing to me after I described my symptoms to him.

I have a Glomus Jugulare and several uterine tumours, why would it be so hard to believe that I might be the perfect candidate to take those tests? I told my doctor I might go to an independent lab to have the work done and his nurse asked me who was going to listen to that? They would just insist on doing the tests again themselves IF they agreed to do them and I would be out the pocket money (and I don’t have much of that!)

Last night I had another deadly blood pressure spike. These are strange as I may go some days without topping 140/90 and sometimes dropping to 111/70. These weird spikes happen in less than a minute and the last one, as recorded by the ER techs, was 190/136. In the last 24 hours I have taken MORE clonidine than I have taken in a WEEK!

It seems to have leveled off now.

In the ambulance the paramedic, (unlike some of the others), was extremely rude. While I was having deadly blood pressure he made comments about my weight, my belief in God, and he called me a liar when I answered health questions. It took 4 hours in the ER to get me calm enough to have a normal blood pressure.

…and a lot of extra Clonidine I normally don’t take.

He endangered my life.

I want his name and his badge!

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