Scratch Me

Speaking of ‘Yin and Yang’, and the fact that you cannot have one thing without it complimentary equal, all I can say is, “I am an unabashed REVERSE SNOB!”

I wasn’t always that way. I once believed in this vague idea of ‘utopia’. I had the naive idea that birds did not know there was any difference in the way they grew their feathers. I had this idea that peacocks never knew they were superior to wrens because they had alot more colour in thier feathers.

I found out I was wrong a long time ago. I saw a quote by George Carlin, “Scratch a cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.”

Scratch me then.

People have these ongoing, clashing ideas and they never end:

Inner beauty versus outer beauty

There is a God versus there is no God

Ego is great because I have one versus Ego is evil because you have one

The lists are endless and irritating. I was messaging a friend talking about an idea that many have that we chose what we were before we came here. The concept is interesting. That maybe the people who died in the Honshu disaster knew they would die there before they were ever born. Maybe they even chose that so that other souls could live.

This brings me to my idea of bullies and victims.

Maybe victims chose to be victims so that others would never have to suffer what the bullies do. Maybe those who chose ‘the easy path’, before they were born, did not choose the ‘most noble’ path? Maybe this is a kind of ‘reverse snobbery’?

It has often been said that the people the world adores will get thier best rewards here…on earth…and the those the world scorns will get thier best rewards in the after-life…but maybe the test is much much harder than that…maybe the test is this: If you chose to be a wren instead of a peacock that you not remind the peacock they chose the less noble path?

Maybe the peacocks really HATE that? Maybe that hurts them somewhere down in thier souls just as much as the thing they chose to be hurts the wrens? That maybe if the world were a kinder place, and things more equitable, It would not matter who wore a bra and who didn’t. It would be meaningless who was a ‘know it all’ and who was not. That no one would give a damn how tall, or short, or strong, or talented or rich anyone was….but I must sigh and wrap the cloak of Diogenes around myself once again…because I see people hold hands jump head first into the ‘lowest common denominator’ of the ‘human sewers’ of Life.

Scratch me…

But I do not believe that it is all relentless hopelessness. I do think there are some bright TRUE lights out there in the vast world trying to help as best they know how…most of them never get famous or well known…only a few are ever respected world-wide, (Like Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa). I think some of those bright lights are even in my friends list here.

Ego or reverse ego we are still all the same in the end…

…we die as a human body, (although not as a living spark that is eternal).

Those who have been given the greatest responsibilities in this world are those who have been given the greatest gifts. Those who are the most wealthy, the most healthy, the most loved, the most famed, the most adored will be tried by the ‘ Great Maker Of All Things’ with a much sterner expectation of what was done with those ‘greatest gifts’.

There is another idea that those who are the most afflicted in this life and still try to do good will recieve more mercy from the ‘Great makers Of All Things’ when they must face that ONE.

These are ideas put forth just for the sake of thought…. Nothing more.

What Do You Think?

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