We Are Really The Bosses…

CAVE LOVE…of ALOT of things.

OK We ARE NOT the bosses of natural disasters, babies who die of cancer, and the things life-insurance companies call ‘acts of God’…..


We ARE responsible for alot of things!

When WE talk about ‘how-the-media-messes-up-our-collective-soul’, and then we go watch ‘Dhoom III’, why are we crying about our, ‘collective soul?’ Every time we throw batteries in the trash can, (instead of taking them to the proper disposal places), and every time we go and watch the latest movie, (no matter how devastating it is), and every time we drive instead of walk, (If we can walk), then we become hypocrites if we talk about saving the soul of the world…and face it…

…most of us are hypocrites to SOME degree.

Every time we choose to light up the next ciggarette, eat the next Micky D’s chicken nugget, let the hungry stray pass by our house without water, or drive past the drug-addicted (?) beggar on the corner we become responsible. We are responsible for so many things we could change. If you don’t want your kids drinking…why are you drunk? If you don’t want your baby girl sleeping around with strange teenage guys why are you sleeping with strange men? If you don’t want your little boy to end up in jail for violent behaviour then why are you beating his mother? If you hate that your wife is looking at strip tease guys on saturday night, with ‘the Girls’, then why are you watching porno online until 3 am every night? Every action has an equal, and opposite, reaction. This goes for all people. You can’t have it your way and not expect everyone else to want it THEIR way as well….Life is alot like a ‘Burger-King’ commercial this way….

I see so many well-meaning people with really awesome hearts talking about the way the world is ‘going to hell’ and all the ways it is going there. They did not give up ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or a ‘quick drive over to the 7-11′ a mere block away. Many of them did not vote. Many throw batteries in the trash can. Many ‘sneak’ ciggarettes and wine so ‘the kids won’t see’….

….(the kids ALWAYS see!).

This is not a diatribe against ‘victimless crime’. If people are happy with the way the world is and drinking and smoking and porno does not harm anyone but themselves…if they are in adult groups with agreements that is none of my business BUT I have heard SO MANY people lament on the state of the human soul and the state of the soul of Earth…the whole living SPIRIT of this rock we are spinning upon…and whole majorities in whole nations are agreeing that ‘these are the last days’.

They may be the last days…BUT IF THEY ARE….it is because WE gave up ownership of OUR responsibility to each other and to the Earth we live on. WE CHOSE this. We can still turn around and choose something else…..

….can’t we?

What Do You Think?

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