I Am Racist

I am racist

I am a human racist

I believe that human beings are equal in the race called ‘Life.’ This does not mean that I think Life is fair. Life is never fair and never equal BUT, to ME, a human being is just another human being.

Yes there are times jokes do not cross cultural boundaries. Yes there are times that I, and another member of the HUMAN RACE, do not understand each other. Sometimes I get butthurt and sometimes they do but the bottom line is still the same:

WE are a part of the human race.

Countless Europeans were killed at the hands of Romans,

Countless Asians were slaughtered to establish the Mughal Empire,

Countless Chinese were murdered by Japanese in WWII,

Countless Jews, Countless Blacks, Countless Native Americans, Countless SW Asians in post-modern war-fare, Countless Gazans, Hutu’s Tutsi’s…

….countless HUMANS in histories I never studied because there is no ‘Rosetta Stone’ to read the scribbles with…are dead at the hands of fellow HUMANS!

I really don’t care what colour you are.


I don’t.

If you are an a**hole you are an a**hole. End of story.

If the fact that I do not take a person’s colour into account when murder happens makes me a racist then I am a racist!

I am a proud racist!

I am a proud member of the HUMAN RACE…

I want PEACE and not WAR…

I want people to stop killing each other in the name of (whatever pathetic excuse they have) and I want people to respect each other and try to see things from all sides if they are able.

The End.

What Do You Think?

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