Peshawar Tragedy

More views on a subject I have interest in. Those martyred children will get Jannat al Firdous

Very Bad Apple

| By Muhammad Akbar Notezai |

On December 16, 1971, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) seceded from Pakistan. An estimated three million people were killed. After four decades, on December 16, 2014, on the same day, another national tragedy hit the country. The war-mongering elements stormed into Army Public School in Peshawar, killing and bombing innocent children wholesale and indiscriminately. According to reports, the fatal assault killed 148, in which 132 were schoolchildren.

Very pathetically, it marked one of the worst assaults on school-going children in history, which was globally and unequivocally condemned. Ironically, the Afghan Taliban condemned the fatal Peshawar carnage, calling the massacre of the schoolchildren “un-Islamic.” While on the other hand, Mohammad Khorasani of the Jamat-ul-Ahrar, who is also known as Omer Khorasan, of the Jamat-ul-Ahrar, a faction of the TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) led by Maulana Fazullah, quickly accepted responsibility for the attack on the schoolchildren. The spokesman…

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