When You Talk About Black People And Crime

A Mindful Chatterbox

Listening to an interview on CNN and a representative from NYPD, I felt the familiar twinge of irkdom. There is always some white person quick to speak about crime in the black community, particularly in urban areas. Like the Sheriff in Wisconsin talking about why we have no outrage when black people kill other black people. I want to punch someone in the face. Do you know why?


1. White people kill other white at the same statistical rate. You commit crimes against those people to whom you have access. So yeah, black people rob, rape, and kill other black people because that is who they LIVE around. Just like how white people rob, rape, and kill other shite people because their neighbors are white.

2. At the same time, police officers are 4.5 times more likely to kill an alleged black criminal than they are to kill a…

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