Become Salafist?

For what, as love, I understand,

For you a meal I would prepare,

For Love I’ll sing the whole Quar’ an.

Crowds of people I will bear.

But what is Man if Love is not,

Without the Love what have I got?

If not Love purpose, none, IS,

That I should want NO will but HIS!

That Love should, for me, It’s cause speak,

Enough to make my spirit weak,

And all of greater Law ignore….

Be for the sake of Love: a whore?

Myself, outside his door I lay,

Yet he stepped over at his Play,

I, grateful, these crumbs accept,

The nights he did not know: I wept!

For Love…REAL Love my head I’ll drape,

‘Round my world MY Love I’ll shape!

Even five times in a day-

Get on my aching knees to pray!

BUT for a hollow shell of Love?

There is, for me, no cause exist…

That is, alone, no Truth enough,

To make me become ‘salafist.’

What Do You Think?

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