I Am Blessed…Thank you God…

…for all the people you sent in my path this year.

For the first time in over three years this blog has become more than just a ‘free dump’ for my thoughts. It have taken days, effort, hours and HELP from experienced people who have given me ideas. The ‘Opinionated Man’ started it off and the IT expert Haseeb Danyal helped me to finish it and they both have sites here if you want to check them out. Check out ‘http://www.danglingstore.com/’ for Haseeb and check out ‘http://aopinionatedman.com/’.

OP got me started with the idea I have now to make this blog-site a working site, Check his page it’s chock full of tips when he is not ranting and Haseeb is an IT crack shot with all the answers I needed about that subject.

I had no New Years Resolutions. I gave those up years ago I just live my life. My biggest resolution is to remember to write ‘2015’ instead of ‘2014.’

That said, I plan to devote a great deal more time to this new project than I have before, in the past. I have a whole book to edit and all the drafts to throw in and blogs to write and poetry to post and I am looking forwards to this and all will be well In sha Allah.

I have a contact box if you want password to anything (I give those out on a discretionary basis). Yes I am a sinner. I am human. Everyone is human like that.

Thank you Azam for the internet connection. You have been the most awesome person and than you to my brother Beato and my mom and and my sister Wisdom and Fawad and Pasha and The Team At Ink-slingers. The have a self-hosted WordPress site, ‘http://inksmag.com/’.

They have all helped and inspired me to be the best I can be in my current situation in life. I owe them this ability to type here and I am grateful.

This blog is now officially cleaned up and ready for ACTION!

People have an idea about Muslims that is not necessarily true. Each culture and each nation have different ways of practicing our beliefs. My style is American. Liberal Muslim American (Which is mostly conservative American hence the passwords on some things.)

There will be times I re-blog something that conflicts with something else. I am like that. I don’t like to get trapped in a ‘definition-box.’

Re-blogs will go automatically to “contents” and much of my old stuff is still there but everything is pretty well ironed-out now. Haseeb promises to help me next year, again, if we are all still here.

Happy Blogging!!!!!

Bless you all for this year!

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