The 2014 List

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My top five highlights and my formal New Year’s Resolution.

1. Harvoni – a new treatment for Hepatitis C became available in 2014, a medicine that cures 9 out of 10 people with the particular strain of the virus that I have. I started treatment on November 17. Thanks to my insurance company, I will be able to take this medicine at no cost for 24 weeks. Today marks the completion of 5 weeks. Thanks also to my liver doctor, my cousin Andy Wagner, the Office of the Kings County District Attorney, and the City of New York.

2. An engagement – Joaquin and I became engaged to be married. Our plan is to do this on or about 3/14 at City Hall. I hereby invite anyone who wants to to come. If you are serious about it, message me or email me if you know my personal email. There…

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