Lady Liberty

When I was a kid I used to make a crown out of ‘tinker toys’ and pretend I was ‘Lady Liberty’. I loved that lady with all my heart and I loved how sweet and charitable she was and everything I loved most about my native land was embodied in the words that dropped from her voiceless lips:

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

She was ‘The Mother of Exiles.’

I was an exile in my own land and I still am. It isn’t because I WANTED to be an exile it is because, early on, when I tried to join the people of ‘Elysium,’ they had a tendency to ‘kick my teeth in’ because I was too ‘weird’. Later I found out it does not matter what nation it is I am still, (except for a very few), too ‘weird’. I am like that really smart Asperger’s kid that you love to have around when you need something and love to run from when you know I am going to open my mouth and SAY something…

…usually something embarrasing.

It has come to my attention that Lady Liberty is dead. Her teats have been sucked dry. She is old. Her crown is crumbling, she needs a face-lift and she limps. Professed ‘mother of all the unwanted ones’ in the entire world she now has no room for people fleeing drug lords who hang infants from bridges. She has no space for people who desire to leave the lands where there is only grass to eat. Her beautiful grey eyes are fading and being replaced by the eyes of war lords who want to kill her forever and erect a flag over her grave.

I understand that there is a percieved idea that we do not have ‘enough’ anymore for those far-flung illiterate babes concieved in nations where everyone should be ‘sterilized’ to protect the dwindling rescources. She has no space for people who need space, for whom there are those I am connected to who believe that a land ‘somewhere else’ should be ‘nuked to a sheet of glass’ and that includes the ‘devil-babies’ that are born there.

People will say,

“Oh NO! That is NOT US! That is not the charitable bosom of our collective souls! You are mistaken and I am aghast that you should write that this great Lady is almost dead! How DARE YOU! We are a GREAT NATION!”


We are still a great nation but can you not SEE what is being done to your minds and hearts in the name of the preservation of America? Where is the America that was still there, barely, when I was born? Where is the post WWII, heroic, America that had enough? Where is the last great president we had who hosted the people we are at war with now? Does that America exist anymore outside the minds and hearts of those who remember?

Now there are people who want to exile me, and those like me, even though we were born here, because we are are Muslim. There are those who want to exile the children of illegal immigrants EVEN IF THOSE CHILDREN WERE BORN HERE, because their parents broke the law. There are people who are willing to send children BACK to a nation they were not born in and do not speak the language of to punish their parents for having a child on on American land who will be ‘eating up the freebies’ until they are old enough to work. There are people who killed their unborn babies, in the name of expediency, who now hate the idea that anyone else is having too many babies. They will die and those children will become people who live on this land and they may, or may not, speak Spanish or speak English or Spanglish or both and maybe even German or French if we bring our schools up to par. Dump all the Americans who are tired, poor, wretched, and garbage-people. We no longer want them. We have no room for them. The lamp has NO OIL left in it to light the way.

Think you. Think. All of you THINK what you are saying! You are saying America is no longer a great enough nation to bear this unholy burden that was once welcomed in the name of ‘Manifest Destiny’ yet when you have died and your childless children have died who will farm these lands and make the fruit grow from sea to shining sea and will it MATTER who does this or how they do it and will it matter what language they speak if they have hearts that love and care for their fellow men and they will resurrect this great Lady from her grave and once more the message go out to all the peoples to come and be a part of what we are!

Ya Allah I wish I had that Tinker Toy crown and I wish for the dream that once was and I wish for people to live as people and not in fear as sheeple. When people from another nation quote Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin more often then those who live near me and immigrants who ARE legal know more about the Bill of Rights than someone who was born here…

…I love You America. I love You so much. I cry tears for You as I write this. There are those who want to destroy You but they are not Muslims and Hispanics. They are people who run The World Bank and detest the idea that anyone would be what WE have been in years past.

God Bless America. Please. Don’t take Your mighty hand from this nation just because the sheep are afraid of some different kinds of sheep. Don’t punish US because we have failed in the mission of ‘Goodness’.


What Do You Think?

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