The Bloody Feet Waltz


Cold nights

Flecked with lanterns is the sky

Walking along the concrete highway

Miles from home

It will be sunrise

Feet already swollen

Fancy high heels off

Tender skin on gravel road


One short yellow dress

Against the element

But the heart of fire

Deep inside resolved

To walk

Until there were only bones left

The concert was over

Cheering crowds

Naked girls everywhere

They left us there

Without a ride home

Papa would not come

To rescue me

I had chosen my man

Limping beside me

Trying to thumb a ride

A car stopped

After we had gone 4 hours

It stopped

Full of drunken men

My husband

Motioned me to come

I walked up

They began to laugh

Throwing beer bottles at us

Out the windows

They burnt rubber and left us

Covered with road dust

The entire walk was

40 miles on bare feet

Unaccustomed to the road

We walked from 10 pm

Until the sun had risen

And the day grown hot

His father also would not come

At a gas station at 3am

No money even for a soda pop

Dry and painful

We walked on in silence


Long ago

Ceased to complain

Shamed by my lack of words

As the sun rose

Over the highway

A trucker stopped

He let us in

He took us The last 15 miles

My feet were happy

For a few minutes

Bloody and sore

But happy

I asked God

To bless that trucker

He dropped us off

At the Mustang Road Exit

Into town…

We walked the rest of the way home

Leaving our blood on the road.


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