The Mirror

They were best buddies. They laughed together. They shared things together. They ‘people watched’ and giggled about other people. They shared things they shared with no one else. They spent hours talking. There was nothing they could not say to each other and then it happened.

Who can say why? Since no human being owns another one or can read thier mind or live for them or really even die for them the ‘why’ almost has no answer. It just happens. There are those who wear thier hearts on thier sleeves and those who do not but whether or not you can see a heart it is still there. Beating. It cares not for the desires of it’s owner it has a programmed number of beats to complete on it’s mission in this life. People talk about broken hearts but broken hearts do not beat….broken people have to keep on going. Some wear a smile and claim they are strong and under the smile is an unseen waterfall and some rage their sorrow to a world that has no pity for that.

They were best buddies.

The hours and days and weeks and, finally, YEARS ran in each their courses until IT happened. What happened? Why did it happen? Can we REALLY pin it down and say “THIS was the moment!”


We only can see the end of the trail that was already there as we walked it together side by side in joy. Then Joy becomes a memory. It does not mean there is never anymore joy or love or that things cannot change or people cannot smile again but it does mean that nothing is ever the way it was.

The end of the trail came. They did not see it coming. They were not paying attention. They looked into the mirror of each the other’s soul and saw a stranger. They were surprised and sad. they fumbled for words. They tried old tales and stories they shared but those were not the same anymore. What was could never be again……

like this very moment can also never be again.


Even as they parted on the “way that leads onto way, knowing that they should never return”, they left with one gift:

Each one learned a little more than they knew before. (With a nod to Robert Frost)

What Do You Think?

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