The Witching Hour

They say 3 am is the ‘Witching Hour.’ This is supposed to be the time when spirits come out to play. I am usually awake at this time. At precisely 3 am a loud sound awoke my cat who is currently sleeping in a box on my ‘clutter-table.’ It is so cold outside the windows have frosted over. It is -10 C. out there and I don’t think anyone would live very long if they spent any time out in that without wearing twice amount of proper clothing although I have seen the local stray cats survive it.

As the old saying goes, “It’s as cold as a witches tit in a brass bra,” out there.

Well the local state senate has showed it’s intellect again as a bill to ban the wearing of evil ‘hoodies’ hits the senate floor. It is already illegal to wear KKK hoodies and it is also illegal to conceal your face in the commission of a crime. That second one baffles me because that is very similar to a law in California that states that two stray dogs may not copulate, in public, within 50 feet of a church…I mean seriously…how is this enforce-able?

The bill says it will be OK to wear hoodies in the cold and also OK if your religion dictates that you wear one. This leads to details that are as hard to know with absolute certainty as a speed limit. How cold is ‘cold enough?’ Will the police need to add thermometers to their arsenal of ‘breaking the law’ gadgets? Is there a religion that espouses the need for ‘hoodies?’

Now you have to understand this bill comes from a state that has laws against keeping a whale in your back-yard swimming pool and entering the state capitol building with the hind leg of a farm animal stuck in your boot. (No need to explain why those might have been made.)

Anyway this is enough for the witching hour and the loud sounds continue from without my little inner sanctum.

What Do You Think?

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