Vantage Point

It all depends on where you are standing…or if you can stand anything. Simply put (and cheerleading the obvious) the things we dream of change over time or we risk supreme unhappiness if we are unable to do what we have dreamed of.

People say, “You didn’t get it because you didn’t TRY! You didn’t ‘speak in tongues! You didn’t BELIEVE hard enough!”

If that were true I would have won the lottery and become Miss America YEARS ago. There is no ‘Secret’. The only thing that ever matters, in this world, is ACTION! Even action is not a ticket to ‘Elysium’. Life is not a movie. If action were a ticket to your dreams there would be women, sewing clothing for Wal Mart, living a life they can only dream of because of the ACTION of their hard work. They are not lazy women. They are victims of circumstance.

Some say there is no such thing as a ‘victim’ but there IS such a thing. Yes there are things we CHOOSE that affect our lives but, quite often, there are things that we have NO CONTROL over and those are many. The children with cancer did not CHOOSE that. Those whose parents died swiftly, while still young, did not DREAM of that and choose that. If you climb the Apple Tree you may fall and break your arm but you might also be walking down the street and be hit by a random car and get a broken arm.

My mother was telling me, tonight, of women of her class and station who live in large, nice homes who are unable to care for themselves and whose children cannot or will not care for them and about how terrible they they think it is to give that life-style up and go live in a one bedroom apartment where there are people who will help them because they don’t want to lose their furniture and they cannot afford full time nursing care in their homes. They cry about the idea of going to the SAME PLACE I am so GLAD to be going!

Now that I have established from whence I am coming from I will go back to dreams.

I spent DECADES dreaming of seeing the Khyber Pass. I spent Most of my life dreaming of making enough money to buy plastic surgery and make myself pretty. In the last five years I had much smaller dreams. I dreamed of going to go live in Sulphur, Oklahoma. The man who was my next door neighbor moved there this year.

Last night I was dreaming about how awesome it would be to live where the old and crippled poor live. How much of a blessing that would be and how ready I am to go there.

A year ago I would have written that sentence and cried but now it no longer matters.

Vantage point is everything.

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