Prostituted Women & Trafficking

This is a well written take on the prostitution trade. A worthy read.

Very Bad Apple

| By Paul Brown |

While the common consensus regarding the role and position of prostituted women within western society has increasingly become one of vague liberalism and hazy notions of ’empowerment’, with a lazy emphasis on women’s ‘right’ to prostitute themselves or be prostituted, one area in which public and official opinion is resolute is on the subject of trafficking. While the legalisation of the trade in women we have seen in Germany and the Netherlands has often been lauded as enlightened, and the prohibition or criminalisation of buying women in Sweden and Iceland is perceived as totalitarian or authoritarian, what is often overlooked is the unavoidable fact that legalisation has in fact increased gangsterism and criminal exploitation rather than freeing women to supposedly do as they please with their bodies and lives.

The German government discovered that 90% of the country’s 400,000 prostituted women were under ‘constraint’, in…

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