Fruitless Trees: Part One

by Maryam S.

As the world grows smaller, and resources grow more scarce, humanity grows ever more heartless. We speak so casually of war and death as if they are normal subjects for afternoon tea. We divide ourselves into groups and then find reasons to hate each other en masse. We are easily led and controlled by people who consider us nothing more than cannon fodder. The latest ’cause celebre’ is the idea that religion should be eradicated because religion is the cause of all human ills.

The main arguments are that man created both God and Religion. Ergo, they claim, God is not real and religion does not need to exist.

For the sake of argument lets say that they are right and ‘there is no God.’ If there is no God then there is no need to deny there is a God. If people choose to believe in a God then that is a personal choice but there is no need to deny them a choice or eradicate their choice because what they believe in does not exist. You cannot eradicate what does not exist.

For many the idea of secularism is the best one. They want to enforce it on the world whether or not the inhabitants want it forced upon them. They say they do not want religion forced upon them and at the same time they wish to take away the right of people to be religious. Just think about that a moment.

Democracy is the will of the majority. It ia not a form of government. It is a choice of what government to have. If the majority want a Republic they will have a Republic. If the majority wants Communism they will have Communism. If the majority wants Socialism they will have socialism and if they want, or do not want, religion they will also have that. This IS ‘Democracy.’ Democracy is the will of the majority.

Right or wrong the will of the majority always trumps everything. This has been the state of humanity from the beginning of time. The majority have done both great good and great evil and blamed it on something outside of themselves. If you blame God and you blame Religion and you are a secularist you are, by your own definition, blaming yourself.

Humanity has not changed lo’ these thousands of years. It has not changed a jot or a tittle. The vanquished become the conquerors and perpetuate the same thing they tried to escape, on the weaker parties they share this planet with, and this goes on and on and on and on and on and on ad nauseum. Not ONE PEOPLE on the face of this beknighted Earth can say with all surety “My hands are free of my brothers blood.” unless they are infants or simple people who are blessedly innocent.

The nations who tried to ban religion in the name of enlightenment and progress miserably failed in their quests. All you have to do is read the history of the Soviet Union, Hiter’s Germany, or China’s Tiananmen Square to see the results of humanity’s pitiful attempts to ban God and make a level playing field for everyone.

If you try to make the majority bend to the will of the minority you will fail every time. Nuking everyone you disagree with off the face of the earth will not solve your problems. Eradicating what you disagree with will also not solve your problems you will still have problems because you are…


This brings me to my last idea: That those who have children inherit the planet, plan the culture, and say what the religion, or lack of it, will be.

That will be the subject of my next note.

Peace Out.

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