Fruitless Trees: Part Two

Mom had a friend who used to be a Catholic Priest. He stopped being a priest because of the sanctions against marraige. Before he left the Catholic church he gave a sermon on a very important subject: Who rules the future?

The church in question was, once, a fully white, English only church and was standing room only. After the 1970’s the church began to allow the use of birth control. Before 1973 this was not santioned by the church and the Catholic church housed a HUGE majority of white folk in America. 30 years later the white mass was half full and everyone in it was over forty with very few exceptions. The HISPANIC mass had to be done TWICE to cover all the people. It had to be IN SPANISH! The people spilled out into the foyer for mass.

One of the white patrons had made a comment to the priest at that time about the disparity and how horrible it was that immigrants, who spoke another language, were taking over the church and the priest told that person, “The future belongs to those who have children.”

The children of the white congregation had chosen the modern path and put career ahead of children so that the numbers of ‘anglos’ were dropping. EVEN IF there were NO MORE IMMIGRANTS ALLOWED the cultural place of ‘mother’ in the hispanic family, versus the white family, would have them in the majority even if you closed the borders and killed every child who tried to escape the hell on the other side of the Rio Grande.

Yes, you may say, “Behind every blade of grass.” If you want there to be someone behind every blade of grass you MUST re-elevate the status of mother hood in the white culture. IF YOU DON’T then there is no need to complain about who is caring for the land or what language their children speak. No reason to worry about what religion is practiced. The old ones who had no children, and hence, no future will be dead.

Yes some have had children. People will always have children. The bare fact is, going back to part one, that the ‘majority rules.’ If you see people as ‘the others’, because of skin colour or language, this means you are not able to see them as PEOPLE. HUMANS who bleed red just like you bleed red. When we talk about the need to ‘wipe this race or that race or this culture or that culture off the face of the earth’ we CANNOT say we are not racist!

Behind every blade of grass will be who? Whose children will be standing in the grass of the future if there is any grass to stand in? The ones who have the most children will rule by default. The only way to change this is to become genocidal and seek to kill whole segments of humanity because they ‘do not think like or look like US.’

You clutch your collective bosoms and wail about the starving children and speak of human rights abuses and IN THE SAME CONVERSATION you say you want to eliminate a whole portion of human beings?


What hypocrisy!

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