I Feel You…

…where you ride in the wind

Over man’s grey paths

On the roar of fire


Spinning while spinning

Singing with your teeth

Hands numb

Vibrations in cold

Keen skeen sharp

Under a mile high sky

Blue mirage above into black


With the frozen breath

Of Angels spinning

Where you ride the wind

I feel you…

…Where your skin is alone

Your face tingling

Wishing for a kiss more

Than pushing through unseen


Holding tight to bars

Leaning into desire

Wanting the beginning

Only one way to go

On the roar of the fire

Spinning while spinning

Compressing kilometers

Gaining nanoseconds

Hurting with needing

Where your skin is alone

I feel you…

…The joy that cries

The lips that sigh singing

Charged from the core



Spinning from blue

Into the stars

Hungry belly intense

Predator on the hunt

Crying over the kill

Sorrow for the bleeding

Where your skin is alone

Pumping you alive

Speeding spinning

Into the beginning…

I feel you.

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