My Fourth Anniversary With WordPress

I got this site for free four years ago and used it, mostly, as a ‘work storage’ space and, for free, it is an awesome space but I never considered trying to become more professional until about a half a year ago. I did not have the money to do that at the time so I just kept writing and storing until, when I was finally able to learn more and buy the domain that allowed me to do more of the kind of things I wanted to do, I had 600 pieces of work.

It never occurred to me to network. It never occurred to me this could be a social site for readers. After the domain purchase and after getting some help with Danyal Haseeb, (who is listed in those I follow), the blog finally looks and feels like a professional place. D.H. promises to help me make it MORE professional when my domain runs out next year. I will save up the money for that as I can. That kid is an AWESOME IT person I was glad to meet him at Facebook.

Just previous to meeting Mr. Haseeb I was tapped by the ‘Opinionated Man’ and learned a few things from him as well.

I hope this is a good year.

I spent many hours editing (I still have some to go and I am thinking that may be a continuous process) and found redundancies in those 600 plus works and promptly trashed them. It is up and coming and more to post soon.

Enjoy you all and will be reading more soon!

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