I always spell that wrong on purpose and it does not woory me. I was thinking today how we woory for things and, often, those things are not worth the time and effort.

Recent events have made the nations easily jump into the Orwellian ‘two minutes hate.’

I have seen people saying all Jews should die because of Gaza. On the same day I have seen people say all Muslims should die because of France. On the VERY SAME DAY I saw that all white Americans should die because of the Native Genocide of Andrew Jackson and slavery and the Ferguson shootings. ON THE SAME DAY I saw that everyone in the West should die because of what the British did to India and what the Pope’s priests did to children.

I am reading all this and it looks like everyone in the world has a huge turd in their hand and is ready to throw it even while they are standing in a sea of their own shit.

But that is also an illusion.

You see we have this thing called a ‘media’ that is designed, these days, to make us all hate each other. Maybe if we all hate each other enough we will never get close enough to learn anything and ‘mend fences.’

The VAST MAJORITY of humanity is NOT doing all this evil. Most people are pretty good folks no matter where they are.

The ‘Merry Minuet by Sheldon Harnish

If I watch the news I would be wooried and scared 24/7 because all I would see is how bad all those ‘other guys’ are and since I have connections on more than one continent and more than one side of the world I get to here ALL the technicolour spew the media puts out to entrench our hatred of our fellow human beings who inhabit the earth.

But I am not wooried.

You see it is so simple. It is as simple as the corny old Doris Day song…

“Que sera sera…whatever will be will be…”

What Do You Think?

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