The Run Down

Lets do a run-down:

Dead in second world war: 66 million. Guilty parties?

(Just about everyone but lets give Hitler the trophy.

Lets not forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

Mao Zhedong: 40 million

British India: 27 million

Joseph Stalin: 20 million (Christians and dissidents)

First world war: 16 million

Conquest of the Americas: 15 million (mostly Native Americans)

Congo Free State: 10 million

Russian Civil War: 9 million

Chinese Civil War: 7 million

This is just a short list. This does not include Rome, Genghis Khan, the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition.
This also does not include Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Gaza.

If you know anything at all about history and you really are willing to see the bigger picture you will see how the media is ramping you all up for the next World War…

WWII : 66 million.

WWIII : *hears crickets and cock-roaches scuttling by*

Have you ever been a part of something you only partly agreed with; say like, Republicans or Democrats? Have you ever been a part of a group, in school, that had ONE guy in it that would tease the weird kid and make him cry and you didn’t LIKE it but you ‘went along with it’ so you would not jeopardize your place? Have you ever been at a party and watched someone drink until they were hospitalized KNOWING that they were doing something wrong but you ‘didn’t want to get involved?’ Maybe you said: “I am NOT my brother’s keeper!” Another way to say this is “NOT my circus and NOT my monkeys!”

This attitude is why we will have another major war.

I know that some of you will jump all over this and say that is the VERY REASON why we, The USA, should go be the ‘world cops’ but it ISN’T. The schoolyard bullies NEVER let up when the teacher intervenes IT JUST GETS WORSE!

Trust me I know I was kicked enough because the teacher intervened.

What I am talking about is NOT asking ‘the outside force’ to get involved but the INSIDE force.

“May the Force be with you Luke!”

I am talking about each individuals part in the ‘collective human consciousness.’

Here is an example: The bully is kicking the kid that is down and you don’t like it. Instead of just standing there you do SOMETHING that shows ‘this is not OK.’ It can be anything. It can even be leaving that group. Let me tell you that more people are like you and don’t like what that bully is doing and each one is ‘in the bully pulpit’ because, face it, we are so alone even in a group and it often never occurs to us that we could all act as individuals, AND a force for change, AT THE SAME TIME.

Before you go jumping off into the ‘Muslim Apology’ thing using this idea remember that apologies are pretty much useless words and we have ALOT to apologize for (see the list above) and alot of what we have to apologize for we can’t apologize for!

A Jewish holocaust survivour (whose grand kids and great grand kids are acting like the people who oppressed them once…and if you are smart you will see why this phrase is a generalization and is not completely right but I did it so you can see what it looks like) once said, “You want to apologize to me? I am alive! You don’t need to apologize to me you need to apologize to my family they are dead but you cannot apologize to the dead.”

This world can only change when each human being says, “No more. I am not going to shoot at people just because you told me I had to. I am not going to be a part of walls and apartheid. I am not going to meet rock-throwers with drone bombs. I am not going to kill the whole group and family of a few suicide bombers. Killing the people they come from makes the people who retaliate the same way NO BETTER that the suicide bombers.

You know maybe A LOT of people in these ‘groups’ don’t like everything in the group. Maybe there are many Jews who hate the Gaza Genocide. Maybe there are people in the Boko Haram group who go home and cry because of the day they had. Maybe there are Cheer-leaders who feel sick to their stomach when the football team is barking at the fat girl from the back of the class. Maybe if the response to evil was not an ‘eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ the whole world would not end up blind and toothless? (that has been attributed to so many famous people I have no idea who said it first anymore) Maybe if a way ‘out’ was offered to the people living  in those hells they would take it and leave; and the real and most evil would be alone, exposed, without followers?

In South Africa Bishop Desmond Tutu offered amnesty for the very people who were responsible for murder while they worked for the state of Apartheid. VERY DIFFERENT than the Trials of Nuremberg. He understood a fact of life that many people do not acknowledge: That human beings, in order to survive, or from fear of peers, will do things they despise themselves for doing and if you offered them a better option they would take it. People rarely want to be law-breakers. People’s huge dream is not to be poor or uneducated. People must survive first. (In Islam there are these ideas that, in order to teach a person about Allah they must first be able to survive.)

If a Catholic Priest can be such an amazing person after the decades of horrid abuse his people suffered how can we become what we hate, instead of becoming love. If we offered the people we think we hate a BETTER option, to survive, than the one they have now we could change the world.

I am not just talking about France or about Islam or Boko Haram or Gaza or Slavery or the Genocide of the Americas I am not talking about the WITHOUT…

…I am talking about the WITHIN.

Can we, as Humanity, give up the WITHOUT for the WITHIN… and, in doing so, know that our cultural traditions of Miley Cyrus dry humping in public are just as horrifying to one side as the hijab is to the other side. That Jews and Arabs have their own ways of looking at things that Christians don’t share and if we can all treaty for a peace that allows for a better survival than the current crisis this means something no one wants to hear: We have to communicate with the bullies of the world. You may not like Jews for the Gazan Genocide and you may not like Nigerian Muslims and you may not like A LOT of people but your dislike and your wars…have they been nothing more than the definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result? Is War making the world a better place to live? Are the Media divisions making us love our strange neighbours?


If we keep on with this current course we won’t be here to listen to the cockroaches take over the radiated planet they will inherit from their oh so mighty masters.

What Do You Think?

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