The World…

The World…

…is supposedly going to ‘hell in a hand-basket’ and the fear spreading is ON like margarine on toast. Fema Camps. Military Rule. Dead people who speak up all around. Islamic Terrorists who speak English and have no knowledge of the Kalimah and yes all this stuff can be proven and so can the media prove its points and maybe, if you take the whole thing as a whole package, maybe it’s real?

There is no question that Media is moving the minds and hearts of people all over the world and doing it very easily. It is also clear that there is no point in trying to hide anything from those who would try to be as omniscient as they believe God to be. If you have spent any time on social net works, online, you are known. You are measured. You are put in a file somewhere and labeled as ‘dangerous’ or not dangerous. Even while I write there is an idea in my head that all the things I have seen and all the things I have shared as a result of what I have seen are all part of the orchestration and if you are here reading this you are part of the orchestra in the pit.

For a moment lets just accept that this is the way things are because we allowed things to become this way. What is there to do?

Step back and take a breath and look around. We are all playing our instruments like we should BUT we are also a part of something much bigger than the world we inhabit.

No I am not talking about Lizard People From Mars although I joke about being one quite often.

I am talking about ‘The Great Creator’, that I call Allah. No matter what name humanity uses if the description is the Being who has no beginning and no end and no gender and is one unto BEING than it is the same one. Not a man. Not a statue, but something SO BEYOND OUR ABILITY TO KNOW that all we have are puny words to try to explain all this with. Allah has no need of those things…

…we have that need.

We are spending way too much time fixated on things that are past us now. People can choose how they will respond to current events but I assure you that, like all things, the greater force (here on earth) will always overcome the lesser force unless Allah/God wills otherwise. Indeed nothing on this Earth would occur unless it was allowed to occur. Some say all was known and written before the first human was created. That there may be a paradox between free will and destiny and both may exist at the same time much like the world of Djinn and humans exist at the same time, (science refers to this idea as a parallel universe and often uses the idea of different colours of Koolaid to illustrate the concept).
The idea that one or more worlds exist side by side at the same time is not unique to one people or place. Humanity it wired much in the same way all over the world.

Do not waste your time in fear of this thing or that thing. Do not spend all your time looking at the things that are going on around you with an attitude that you can or cannot change things because of fury or despair. Those mindsets are where those who run the world and allow me to write this WANT you to be. Instead KNOW that this Earth is a very very SMALL place and that Allah/God is more than any king or ruler or fallen angel can deal with. There is an end to all things. We all have an end. Every civilization has an end and yet there is that within each of us that is eternal. That part of us is, really, all that is ever truly OURS.

Just know this from an old old and simple lesson: “What sees your hand?”

After going through the steps you come to the realization that you cannot SEE what ‘sees’ your hand. You cannot SEE what you really are. You are not your eyes. You are not even your brain. YOU are the electric spark that fires the shell it inhabits. It is this SPARK that is more valuable and means more than anything else on the face of this Earth. It is this spark which can be greater than any fear, any plot, any triumph or adversity you will ever meet.

This was never said by any Native American, and it can be attributed to Pat Robertson. Whether or not you agree with what he said in life makes no difference this one thing he said is very true and it is put in the form of a conversation of a grandson and a grandfather,

“A fight is going on inside me.” A grandfather told his grandson, “It is a terrible fight between two wolves. One wolf is full of pride, arrogance, self-pity, greed, envy, regret and superiority. The other wolf is full of joy, peace, hope, generosity, humility, faith and love. This same fight is going on in you and in every human being on earth.”

The grandson thought about it for a moment and asked, “Which wolf will win?” His grand father replied,

“The one you feed.”

Which wolf is each of us feeding?

What Do You Think?

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