I will be black to bogging boon thut is sis what happens when you are shifting and moving and gone for a week you end up with 10,000 emails and brain fog and you know the real meaning of ‘thinking out of the box’ because all you can think of is getting everything out of the box!

When you are away from the EMF frequencies, from the monitor, that can cause sudden, explosive diarrhoea and heart arrhythmia, (and sometimes even ecstatic bliss from music from a certain hertz and die-urinal bleat) you realize that life without the box is fine…you wonder why you feel responsible to the people you spent years on here and then realize…

“Oh yeah I spent almost 10 years here…yeah I have to come back sometimes or people might think things…like, ‘What was that lady who did weird shit and what country was she from anyway?’ but then many think I am CIA…which stands for ‘Clearly Ignorant Asshat.’

By the way never mention SED while you are typing about it THEY will make it happen! *mutters to self* It just happened to me right after I typed it and I had to break!

The new place is awesome and the people are cool even the guy who smelled like he had an incident of SED in the elevator while I was in there. I am not going to snap him for it because there might be Russians aiming ray guns at America experimenting with trying to hit the ‘brown note’ they heard about in a ‘South Park’ episode.

I am not going to trust any old farts these days!

Anyway I am back in the box again and will soon be posting material from 25 years ago when all there was was a Royal Type-writer or a pencil and my hand…yes that is also known as ‘writers master-perturbation’ and it makes your ‘bird finger’ permanently as crooked as the local senate.

I will be adding my years of experience *cough cough* to the works from my youth. I am looking forwards to this endevour as I realized, while I was going through it, that I was about that same endevour when Life happened and I quit for a coupla decades.

It’s bood to be gack.

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