Tag Prose

I am ALIVE and an Angel from heaven is guarding the Angels from Hell while Barbie Beautiful Ruins my dreams Before I Sleep. Beloved Blessings from Raindrops while drinking Blood Wine in a vampire-style Box Script as Shadows, breathless, want me staring. Can you sleep yourself to death?

Card Art Chains on the memory of my beautiful cinnamon.I wear this Coat of Flesh the same as the cockroach and it’s Companions the Cosmic demons sing with Desire upon Earth‘s Electric Paradise their pornographic Erotica.

Facebook Faces in a storm. You  Friends With The Devil Habibi? Hella Hell is a Creature and maybe there is the Holy GrailI’m not like you but I am your door and I love you without words.

Left Behind Little Girl. Remember the Medicine water? My own songs, My StoryNaked, in nanowrimo 2011.

nature Nothing

Oil in Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain… Old Scratch in the Orwellian Paradise and only pasha makes Peace. I love his Photo-breaks. Planet Caravan travels through raindrops, through Ravan, through red dirt and this martian crumbled in joy.

Red Dirt Road yes you redneck Sexy Naughty Shifting with a Smile knowing Stones are not thrown at fruitless trees.

Sufi with the Sunken Treasures of the The Cosmic Freeway who loves the The Father Of Many. The Muses, The rain song, Walking on Rainbows, War, Water is Life, and yes I am  Weird Weird WEIRD alien!


Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.

I love You.

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