I Think I Am Shrinking…

…over the last two years I had a knot in my back and I just kept going. Last year they said I was 5′ feet 7.5″ or 5′ feet 7″ depending on who measured me. Today they said I am 5′ feet 5″.

I haven’t been ‘double nickles’ since I was 16.

I was wondering why my weight loss did not seem to change my body shape to what it was when I weighed this same amount back in 2006. To get the same body shape I had then, if I really lost two inches in one year, I would have to lose double what I have lost.

I would not mind if it is not anything serious but i don’t want to be the recipient of spinal stenosis just because I had 25 head/neck ‘rad blasts’ back in ’06.

When I see my primary care doc next Tuesday I am going to ask him to take my height again. He is the last one with a 5′ 7″ ruling from last year and if he comes up with double nickles like the lady did today I want to know why I shrunk two inches in one year and if that is why my upper back is having the ‘paresthesias crawlies’?

If I even shrunk an inch in one year I want to know why but I am hoping the lady today was just wrong or her measuring scale was different…either way I will know by Tuesday.

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