Reasons I do, in fact, need money


Because reasons

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”

My high-school English teacher drilled this into my head so much that I now automatically correct people when they get it wrong. It can be embarrassing, especially when you weren’t even part of their conversation – bus journeys get that much more awkward.

Money is pretty much pointless and I have no need for it – well apart from, you know, being able to buy things. Like that cute leather satchel, or food. Priorities are questionable when you’re unemployed.

Leaving the house has now become more treacherous than before because not only do you forget how to interact with other humans, there lies strong temptation. Strong temptation to shop – which, as mentioned previously, is impossible without money. It’s a fragile balance to maintain.

Recently my friend and housemate’s mum came to visit so, being not employed and…

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