Tomorrow Wear Red…

Tomorrow I have to wear red so they will have to laugh at what I wear which has the only red thing I own in it. It is weird being in this world on this end of things. I understand better now how life is and was.

I once had to organize activities for seniors and disabled people and I was gung ho and my heart was 100% behind my will and the main thing was to find the ‘freebies’ because of the budget issues…

…well the freebies were all well and good and nice but they were mostly church people and kids and while that is great I now know that I will go and watch kids sing carols and old ladies, like me, sing hymns and I will applaud a fellow resident who reads her poetry before lunch but I know now what I never knew back then: I am the same person inside.

Today two college girls came for cooking class and they were donating their time and efforts to teach us what most of us already know. We all knew we were there for the free snacks but we are a nice bunch of people so we clapped on cue and gave the two their due and ate the good stuff quite happily and I came back to my room thinking that last night, in a dream, I was shagging a real hot hunk of a guy…I used to think that getting old meant you never needed love but it isn’t true…you need it it is just that only your brain needs it, (because your body done flopped), or you CAN have it but you are so ugly you will never get it “Unless someone die and will it to you” (Platoon).

Now I understand completely the reason why many would not attend the activities I worked so hard to make…if I had showed up with some ice-cream, wine, cheese and a few naughty movies I would have had the whole building with me! Too bad I was constrained by the house rules made because of the terror of ‘the lawsuit’.

Anyway I did enjoy today and I enjoyed saying ‘heyah’ to folkes and I enjoyed the home-made snacks and I applauded the gals and tomorrow I am going to go down and be sociable and wear red…

…not because I am fascinated by what’s going on but because I like the people that are there…I like them in all their lop sided and messed up glory. They are like me.

Love and blessings for all…

and at least one ‘chammak challo.’ *grins like an imp*

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